In February 2010 the Tax Agent Services Act will come into force. For the ones that are not familiar with this new legislation, please read along.
A bookkeeper who charges to prepare and or lodge a BAS Statement must be a registered BAS Agent as from that date. To be able to register the bookkeeper must have a minimum level of education, which is Certificate IV Financial Services in Accounting or Bookkeeping.
This Tax Bill has been instigated by the ATO because of the high percentage of errors made in BAS Statements and  accountants to be able to delegate this to avoid overload and too high charges tom their customers.

Every bookkeeper enters data in your preferred system. Most of these data entries will be GST related and eventually compile into your BAS return.
So apparently chances of working with a bookkeeper with a lesser education are that you either over- or under-pay GST.
This than needs to be sorted and could cause you to have to pay a lot extra in accounting fees and even fines.

So check it out. Even if your bookkeeper does not meet the educational standard of Certificate IV Financial Services in Accounting or Bookkeeping right now, they have a period of 2 years to do so.
That means if they don't start studying now, they will have a hard time making it in the given period.

Don't know how to find out who is the right bookkeeper? Look and ask for criteria like:
  • BAS Agent
  • Certified
  • Certificate IV
  • Members of an Accounting Association
  • Complying with Tax or BAS agent Services Act