I once received a random email from a guy asking me for a job.
As I had a lot of work going I contacted him and in the end asked him how he'd found out about my business.
Funny thing is, after I did this search and found no information about us at all. Neither did I ever hear back from him.
Time passes and obviously I hadn't given it much thought. One day I received a call on my mobile from someone who was waiting right next to me at some traffic lights asking me to do some work for him.

At some stage I did an inbox clean up and came across that email again. Suddenly this name sounded more familiar to me and opened his resume again. Believe it or not this guy had been the bookkeeper in that business I picked up waiting for the light to turn green.

Just for your information his resume was of interest to me because  they were in the line of my expertise (Accounting, Office administration, MYOB and Microsoft Applications and experience in Management Accounting, Administration and Management) 

Because I do have experience in these areas I could fulfill all his duties as well as producing BAS statements.
They were described by him as:

·        Maintenance of MYOB files for 4 Companies

·        Job Coding

·        Inter Company Loans

·        Accounts Payable and Receivable

·        Preparation of Customer Invoices & Statements

·        Banking of Receipts

·        Reconcilliations

·        Reports (Balance Sheet, P/L, Cash Flow, GST Sales Tax, etc)

·        Payroll

·        BAS Statement

·        PAYG

·        Budgeting