Madelon's Bookkeeping Service and Training provides professional and accurate book keeping services in all aspects, helping your business budget and run smoothly with reports at the tip of your fingers at all times from payroll to communication with ATO and everything in between.
I am a registered BAS Agent, Certified Bookkeeper with over 10 years experience, a Member of the Association of Accounting Technicians (AAT) It is my business to make yours mine so you can save on expenses, especially on accountants fees. We will set up a budget and/or whatever else is needed, so you can get ahead.

Hourly or fixed pricing (to be negotiated) are include preparing and lodging BAS/ACT statements, GST, travel and materials. My wages will be more than paid for by the savings you will be making by hiring a professional BAS agent.

If you see a or get quoted a low hourly fee be aware.

  • This is either a bookkeeper not qualifying to be a registered BAS agent and therefore not allowed to deal with anything GST related
  • It is part of an accountant firm who will charge you the low fee for data entry only and will charge you accountants fees for anything GST related. You will end up paying more and this service will most likely be less caring and not have that bonding with your business to give you personalized suggestions. 

I provide services and training as an Account Right (MYOB) Partner, in Reckon (Quickbooks) and your preferred software.

I am also part of a collective, which means there will always be a professional back up for when I'm not available.